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RefWorks and How To Cite Your Sources:  Examples from Different Style Manuals

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How to cite your sources

In your bibliography, you will need to include information about the sources you have used for researching your paper.  Below are different examples of formats for different sources from different style manuals.  You should check with your professor about what style is required for the class.  

Modern Language Association (MLA)

Book by one author:     

Fukuyama, Francis.  Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the
     Biotechnology Revolution
.  New York: Farrar, 2002.        

An entry in a reference book:   

Le Patourel, John.  "Normand and Normandy." Dictionary of the                                       
       Middle Ages
.  Ed. Joseph R. Strayer. 13 vols.  New York:  
       Scribner's, 1987. 

An article in a journal or magazine:  

Gaunt, Simon.  "The Significance of Silence."  Paragraph  13
        (1990): 1  202-216.           
A journal in an online database:    
Wright, Andrew. "Jane Austen Adapted." Nineteenth-Century Literature 30, 1 (1975):
          421-453.  6 May 2004   <http://www.jstor.org/search>

An entire Internet site:         

. Cable News Network. 15 May 2002 <http://www.cnn.com/> 

American Psychological Association (APA)

Book by one author: 

Nagel, P.C. (1992).  The Lees of Virginia: Seven generations of an 
American family.  New York: Oxford University Press.         

A chapter or article in an edited book:    

Burghardt, G.M. (1984).  On the origins of play.  In P.K.
Smith (Ed.), Play in animals and humans (pp.5-42). Oxford: Basil Blackwell.            

Article by one author in a journal:   

Simon, G.  (1990).  The significance of silence. Paragraph.13, 202-116.

A presentation at a proceedings meeting published in book form: 
Eble, C.C. (1976). Etiquette Books as a lingustic authority In P.A. Reich (Ed.)
The Second LACUS Forum,1975 (pp. 468-475). Columbia, SC: Hornbeam.           

A journal article in an online database: 

Robinson, D.T., & Smith-Loven, L. (2001, September). Getting a laugh: gender, status, and
humor in task discussions. Social Forces.80, 125-158. retrieved October 19, 2001 from

To access instructions on how to access APA's Style Guide to Electronic References, please go here.

Chicago Manual of Style

Book by one author:  

Hederson, Hazel.  Paradigms in Progress: Life beyond Economics.  Indianapolis:
Knowledge Systems, 1992.   

An entry in a reference book: 

Collier's Encyclopedia
, 1987 ed., s.v. "Page, Thomas Nelson," by Harriet R. Holman.  

An article in a journal or a magazine: 

Gaunt, Simon.  "The Significance of Silence."  Paragraph 13 202-16.

A journal in an online database: 

Robin M. Kowalski, "Whining, griping, and complaining: Positivity
in the negativity," Journal of Clinical Psychology, 58, no. 9 (2002):
1023. Academic Search Premier Database, EBSCOhost (19 December 2002) 

An entire Internet Site: 

American Verse Project
, ed.  University of Michigan Humanities Text Initiative
and University of Michigan Press (16 Oct. 1996) [poetry anthology online];
accessed 30 Nov.1998, available from http://hti.umich.edu/english/amverse.

Please note:  The above are examples.  For full citation information please consult the MLA Handbook, American Psychological Association Handbook, and the Chicago Manual of Style.  These can be found in the reference room of the library.  

Additional online information on writing and citation style may be found at:

Online: A Reference Guide to Using Internet Sources (Bedford St. Martin's Publishers)

Citing Sources (Duke University)

The Purdue OWL: Research and Citation

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