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Finding Images in the Library and on the Web

Images, reproductions and illustrations can be found in publication types such as books, encyclopedias, folio books, dictionaries, exhibition catalogues, slides, video recordings and multimedia software. The Dictionary of Art at REF N31 D5 1996 and Encyclopedia of World Art at REF N31. E4833 are useful starting points for finding images. The majority of images within books and exhibition catalogues are not indexed, so you will need to look through the publication to find the image you need. Use the library catalogue when searching for these publication types. You can search under an artist's name or limit the search by material type, e.g., folios only. You can also browse the subjects under the term 'pictures'.

The display will look like this:

Search also under: Caricatures and cartoons. 
Search also under: Illustration of books. 
Search also under: Libraries and pictures. 
Search also under: Photographs. 
Search also under: Portraits. 
Search also under: Posters. 
Search also under: Views. 
Pictures -- Catalogs. [ 1 title ] 
Pictures -- Copying. 
Search also under: Imitation in art. 
Pictures, Humorous. 
Search under: Caricatures and cartoons. 
Search under: Wit and humor, Pictorial. 
Pictures in education. [ 1 title ] 

Periodical Indexes

The following indexes provide access to images within periodicals, exhibition catalogs, museum catalogs, etc.
Art Index [1929-. Location: Index Area in print and online from 1984- through FirstSearch]
Bibliography of the History of Art (BHA) [1992-. Location: Index Area]
Arts & Humanities Citation Search [1980-. Available online via FirstSearch
Illustration Index REF N 7525 .I45 1998 

Finding images on the WWW

The Web has billions of images of just about every size, shape, color, subject, medium, theme, static or moving,
with or without sound. They can be personal or popular, professional or academic, picture with or without text, photograph, scientific drawing, graphic, or artistic representation. The kind of image you want determines the search methods and gateways you will use to find images on the Web. 

  • File formats. The most commonly used file formats are : gifs and jpegs . The file format is part of the 
    image 's URL (Web address) or path name. For example, the painting, Mortlake Terrace, by artist Joseph Mallard William Turner at the National Gallery of Art in Washington has the path name of: http://www.nga.gov/cgi-bin/pimage?119+0+0
  • Image Copyright is a complicated issue. Use public domain material; get license to use image; look for Web creator 's statement of permissable use; only use for educational or not-for-profit purposes. More copyright information at United States Copyright Office at The Library of Congress http://lcweb.loc.gov/copyright/

Searching for images on the Web

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