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How Do I Access Full-Text Journal Articles Online?

You can first check any of the full-text databases including: InfoTrac, EBSCOhost, JSTOR, Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe, Project Muse, and Anthrosource by doing a keyword search on your topic.

If you find an article that is not full-text online in a database like Infotrac or EBSCOHost, or you already have a journal title from another source, use the Full-Text Electronic Journal Finder to see if the journal is online full-text in one of our databases. If it is not full-text online in the Library, then do a search in the Minuteman Library Catalog limiting to Framingham State University to see if our library has the journal in print format. (We would most probably be the only one in our Network to have scholarly journals, but you can see if anyone else has your journal by searching "all locations."

If the journal is not located in this library or in the network and you would like to find it in another academic library, you can go to WorldCat to see where this is located.

In WorldCat, go to the advanced search. Limit type to "serial publication" (journal). You may do a title search by "journal title." You may also search by ISSN (international standard journal number). Then you can click on "libraries that own the item." All the Massachusetts libraries will be listed first. For journals, you need to be careful of the listings of the volumes and dates held. If this is not specified, you might want to call the library and check before you go there. Most academic libraries in Massachusetts will let you in to look at their journals. Bring your school ID and be serious and polite. Remember: at any Massachusetts Public Higher Education Institution, you may check-out books with your FSU library card.

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