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How Do I Append a Proxy Prefix to a Persistent Link?

If you are posting an article on Blackboard from off campus and would like your professor and your fellow students to have access to the article from both on and off campus, you need to first find the persistent link to the article and then append a proxy prefix. Once you create the appropriate links and another student selects your article from off campus, the student will then need to enter their network account to access the article.

Your network account username is the first letter of your first name and then last name. Your password is the month and day of your birthday and student id. If you do not know your network account information, please contact the Student Helpdesk at 508.215.5950 or shd@student.framingham.edu.

Finding persistent links

To find a persistent link from an EBSCO database: Locate a full-text article and scroll to the bottom of the page and copy the link labeled "Persistent link to this record".

To find a persistent link from an InfoTrac Database: Locate a full-text article and go to the top left hand side and select "Bookmark". Copy the persistent link.

Remember: not all databases provide persistent links. Once you have the persistent link, paste the link on a temporary space link a new Word document. Then append the proxy prefix: http://fscproxy.framingham.edu/login?url= before the persistent link. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to "force" the two links together. You can also try appending .fscproxy.framingham.edu within the persistent link (always after the .com and sandwiched within the url.

Tip: On the Word document, highlight the new link, go to the top of the page where it says "Hyperlink" (depending on your version of Word) and create a new hyperlink. You can also try this: highlight the persistent link, go to create "Hyperlink", insert the proxy prefix in the two dialog boxes. Once you have the new link, then you can post the link on Blackboard.

Email reference@framingham.edu if you need help on creating a persistent link with a proxy prefix.

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