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Quiz 5:  Finding Images in the Library and on the Web

  1. Name some reference books where you can look  for images.
  2. In what other print sources else can you find images indexed?
  3. In which of the library's databases can you find images?
  4. What are examples of the HTML file formats used for images on the World Wide Web?
  5. What search engines have searchable keyword access to images?
  6. Name some specific image collections on the Web.
  7. Name some Image sites on the Web.


  1. The Dictionary of Art and the Encyclopedia of World Art
  2. Art Index, Illustration Index, and The Bibliography of the History of Art are all indexes that index images.
  3. Electric Library and EBSCOhost
  4. The most commonly used files formats are: gifs and jpegs. These are usually part of the Web address of the image. 
  5. Yahoo Image Surfer, Google.com, Corbis, and Image finder
  6. Grove Dictionary of Art Online (in-library access only), SPIRO: Architectural Slide database (U.C. Berkeley), and SILS Art Image Browser  (University of Michigan)
  7. Art Source and Digital Librarian

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