Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate Student Handbook

X. Tuition and Fees

Students are billed on a semester basis. Estimated annual expenses are described in the undergraduate college catalog and are subject to change without advance notice.

Students taking three or more day courses will be considered as full-time students and must pay all charges and fulfill all responsibilities as full-time students. If they carry one or two day courses, they will be classified as part-time students, subject to all part-time charges and regulations.

In the event that students desire to take a course in the evening program in addition to one or more day-school courses because of a hardship, and an equivalent type is not available in the day program, they must petition the Vice President of Enrollment’s office. If this is done, students must pay the full cost of the evening course in addition to day program charges.

All payment of bills to the Student Accounts Office must be paid by certified check, bank check, money order, MasterCard, or Visa.   Personal checks over $50.00 will not be accepted.

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