Full- or Part-Time Study

Students may enroll on a full- or part-time basis. Full time students can complete the upper division nursing major in as few as three semesters. Day classes and extended day (late afternoon) classes are offered. All of the nursing courses are offered in a hybrid model that combines traditional classroom and online learning. This allows both the full time and the part-time students a variety of choices for flexible scheduling. In addition to classes, each of the upper division nursing courses contains a practice learning environment component. Practice learning experiences are planned cooperatively by faculty, student, and agency.

Prerequisites  - to be completed prior to enrollment

    RNs entering Fall 2014 who have graduated from a PUBLIC Associate's Degree in Nursing Program in Massachusetts are exempt under the Nursing Education Transfer Compact (NETC) 

     Anatomy and Physiology I & II


     Chemistry with lab



Nursing Courses

NURS310 Professional Nursing Perspectives
NURS325 Nursing Informatics   
NURS330 Primary Prevention in the Community   
NURS420 Nursing Theory   
NURS430 Secondary Prevention   
NURS440 introduction to Nursing Research   
NURS460 Nursing Leadership   
NURS470 Tertiary Prevention

Program Information

For further information regarding the RN to BS(N) Program at Framingham State University, please contact: Dr. Susan M. Mullaney, Department Chair at


Hybrid/blended format, utilizing both traditional classroom and online learning,  is being offered in most undergraduate nursing courses.

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