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Office of Assessment
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Framingham State University’s Assessment Advisory Group (AAG) developed a comprehensive five-year assessment plan for the General Education curriculum. Two or three student learning objectives are formally assessed each academic year. Summers are heavily utilized for the development and finalization of assessment tools (i.e., rubrics) and for the analysis of data. Results are reported to faculty members in campus-wide meetings, during the annual Assessment Workshops, and posted on the Office of Assessment website.

General Education Assessment Plan (as of April 26, 2013)
General Education Assessment Artifact Collection for Spring 2013  (as of January 31, 2013)
Form to accommodate submitted student work                                                            Program Assessment Plan Template 


Solve problems using critical thinking
Communicate effectively in writing
Solve problems using quantitative thinking
Communicate effectively orally (pilot)
Locate, evaluate, and apply information (pilot)

Annual Reports                                                                                                 2012-2013 General Education Assessment Report                                                       2013-2014 General Education Assessment Report 

Student Disclosure
If you are collecting artifacts for assessment, we ask that you include a disclosure statement on your course syllabus or on the actual assignment to notify students. The following statement can be used verbatim, or you may modify it to suit your needs.

“Framingham State University (FSU) is committed to the assessment of student achievement regarding academic outcomes. This process addresses the issues of what you need to learn in your program of study and if you are learning what you need to learn. The assessment program at FSU has four specific and interrelated purposes: (1) to improve student academic achievements; (2) to improve teaching strategies; (3) to document successes and identify opportunities for program improvement; and (4) to provide evidence of institutional effectiveness. Students enrolled in this course may participate in the FSU assessment effort. This might involve submitting copies of assignments for review, responding to surveys, or participating in other measurements designed to assess the FSU student learning outcomes. No identifying information will be reported and only aggregated data will be used. If you do not wish to participate in any assessments, please notify your instructor.”

Source: This statement was modified from Columbus State Community College ( and the University of South Florida (


Framingham State University

100 State Street

PO Box 9101

Framingham, MA 01701-9101


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