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Blackboard Learn connects faculty, students and staff anywhere, anytime there is an internet connection. Blackboard Learn delivers an intuitive user interface, and is used on campus to share information and course materials, to engage students in critical thinking and for collaborating online. It is also now accessible from a mobile device.

Blackboard Mobile Learn provides faculty, students, and staff with anywhere, anytime access to Blackboard. Students and faculty view course information, interact on class blogs, view course deadlines, and more from their mobile device. Get it here.

New to Blackboard or Need Help?

Most students who use Blackboard comment that it is easy to use. If you are new to Blackboard or are in need of assistance:

  • Visit the Blackboard On Demand Learning Center to become familiar with the most common features of the system.
  • Review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of this section for answers to the questions we are asked most often.
  • If you need immediate assistance, contact the Blackboard 24-7 support line at 1.866.361.8970, or click these links to chat with a technician.
  • If the online tutorial does not address your specific question, contact the Education Technology Office in Hemenway Hall G05 or G09 at 508-626-4927 or e-mail

Technology Tips
Use a Blackboard preferred browser to connect to the Internet. The features and functionality in Blackboard require that you use an updated Internet browser capable of running JavaScript and Java and that Cookies are enabled. Mozilla Firefox is the preferred browser, but Internet Explorer is acceptable too. Click here to view more specific information.

Become familiar with the technology requirements of your course. Some professors require that you use specific word processing applications, like Microsoft Word, or that you have access to applications like Microsoft PowerPoint or Excel. Other professors use real time collaboration tools like Instant Messaging, Skype or Elluminate and may require you to purchase a microphone. Review your course information to become familiar with the tools your professor plans to use.

In other courses, students will need to install Windows Media Player to take advantage of online streaming video tutorials and course materials, or may need to download Adobe Acrobat to view readings from the web. These applications are available for free at the web sites listed below. If additional tools are needed to complete an assignment, your professor will provide the necessary information.

Access to a computer is required. An Internet-ready computer (PC or Mac) with high-end capacity in terms of speed and RAM is needed to access Blackboard course material. When working at home, most faculty and students find that a 56K modem provides acceptable Internet access but cable or DSL will work faster.

Blackboard Collaborate is used in some online classes. A Java Applet must be installed before you launch the enhanced collaboration real time chat tools in Blackboard.

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