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For over a decade the Distance Education Program at Framingham State University has experienced steady growth. The questions listed below are those we hear most often. If your question is not answered, contact the office of Education Technology Office at 508-626-4927 or e-mail us at

What is an online class?

Framingham State University online classes are designed to meet the same accreditation standards as in-class courses. Online courses are exactly the same as their in-class counterparts except for the method of delivery.

What do I need to succeed in an online class?

Students agree that self scheduling and anytime anywhere access to course material are key advantages to online classes. Students find that online courses are at least as time consuming, perhaps even a bit more, than in-class courses.

Most students find that taking online courses requires a high level of personal organization and self- discipline. Learning online may require you to adopt new set of skills. Practicing good study habits is a good place to begin.

How do I participate in an online class?

Online classes are delivered asynchronously using Blackboard, the university learning management system. Blackboard is also used by many professors to compliment and supplement our web-based course offerings. Students who use Blackboard find that it is easy use and easily accessed anywhere, any time there is an Internet connection.  

Am I required to be online at a specific time?

Most online classes do not "meet" on a scheduled day and time although some instructors do schedule online sessions as needed. Online classes encourage collaboration. Student work is defined by the course syllabus and is not self-paced.

What technology skills do I need to take an online course?

Although it is not necessary to know how to use Blackboard you should have basic computer skills. If you know how to navigate a web site, can use a drop down menu, browse for a file on your computer, have used a word processor like Microsoft Word, and are able to send an email with an attachment, then you have the technical skills needed to take an online course.  If you are new to Blackboard, click here to download the Blackboard Student Tutorial.

How do I access my Blackboard class?

All Students who registered for courses at Framingham State University are automatically enrolled in their Blackboard course site. A letter is mailed to students with their assigned username and password before the start of the semester. If you are taking an online course login information is also emailed. To become familiar with Blackboard view the student tutorial online.

If I experience a problem with Blackboard, how do I get help?

Blackboard Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online or by calling our toll free support line 1-866-361-8970. To access Blackboard support tools, chat with a technician or report a technical problem visit our Blackboard Online Resource Center.  

Who do I contact to take an online class?

Online courses are offered year round through the Graduate Studies and Continuing Education. You may register online or stop by the Center for Academic Support and Advising office to speak with an advisor. Contact CASA by phone, 508 626-4540 or email,

 Is online for you?

Contact the Graduate Studies and Continuing Education Office at 508 626-4550 to learn more. 

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