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In a 1972 movie, a charismatic and amateur candidate wins a campaign for the United States Senate.  As he makes his way to greet his supporters, he pulls his campaign manager into a room and asks: "Now what do I do?"  You might ask the same question about a Political Science degree: What can I do now?  Students major in Political Science for many reasons. Some go on to work in government, others use training in management to work in non-governmental and non-profit organizations in the public or private sectors.  Graduates manage campaigns, run for office, or manage an office.  Some go on to professional schools: law, public administration, public policy or business.  Others pursue masters or doctorates in political science.  In other words, Politics is an interesting and dynamic field of study that opens up many doors and prepares students for viable careers both in and out of politics and government.  You learn skills that apply in many settings.  You pursue your interests. The movie character’s question breaks the election into two parts: running and serving.  Serving is what we do after graduation.  But learning about politics-our version of running for office-is rewarding and challenging in itself.  Learn about representation and legislating in the classroom and then work in an office of a state or national legislator as an intern.  Spend a semester in a semester long election simulation and then work in a campaign.  We offer classes, internships, a semester in Washington, independent projects of your design, and many more ways for you to think and engage in politics.

Department of Political Science
Mission Statement

The Department of Political science strives to provide students with learning opportunities and analytical reasoning and problem-solving skills that promote their knowledge of politics, their understanding of the American and global political societies, their ability to become independent, moral decision-makers, and their standing as members of their communities both local and global.

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