Law and Politics (5 Courses)

The minor in Law and Politics is designed to provide undergraduate students with a structured program of study in judicial and governmental processes. U.S. public policy is constrained by our legal system, and conversely, our legal system is sometimes modified by political interests. This program will focus on the interaction of law and politics.

POSC 211 Political Theory: Justice, Law, and Order
POSC 250 American Legal Systems
POSC 315 Judicial Politics and Policy
POSC 316 U.S. Constitutional Law and Politics
POSC 450 Internship in the Judicial System

Politics (5 Courses

POSC 110 Introduction to American Politics
Four (4) other courses above the 100-level acceptable for the major

Public Administration (5 Courses)

The Public Administration minor addresses the purpose, function and behavior of public sector agencies and the management of government and non-profit organizations. It addresses the environment in which public administration operates and provides students with the tools and techniques public sector mangers employ to develop, promote, implement, and assess public policy and programs.

POSC 223 Bureaucratic Politics and Policy
POSC 325 Public Management
POSC 328 Public Budgeting and Management
POSC 329 Public Policy Analysis
POSC 335 Public Personnel Management

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