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When an equipment is going to be replaced  (whether under warranty or not) by a vendor or their authorized designee, and has an inventory identification asset tag affixed to it, the Inventory Control Department has to be notified prior to the item leaving the campus.

We will, at that time, arrange to remove the asset tag from the defective unit and affix it to the replacement unit (if necessary).  Under no circumstances can this procedure be circumvented.  It is the responsibility of the Information Technology Services Department to assure that all parties involved (ITS employees and associated vendors) are aware of this process and closely adhere to its content.

Note:  All capital equipment with a value of >$100.00 has to be accounted for through an inventory tracking process outlined by the rules and regulations of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Surplus Office.  Therefore, we are not allowed to return or dispose of any items that have been assigned an inventory number without first making the proper adjustments to the inventory program.

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