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The following is the  recommended procedure to expedite any SURPLUS CAPITAL EQUIPMENT with an asset tag and/or valued at  >$100.00.

  1. Determine if the property is either (A) computer or (B) non-computer type equipment.

    (NOTE)  Non-computer equipment is, but not limited to office furniture, a maintenance tool, kitchen, and household furnishings.
  2. Contact, either by email ( or telephone (campus ext. 4281) the Property Control Office, with information regarding surplus equipment. You will need to furnish specific information about the item (s) at that time (see section 4 below).

The Property Control Office will determine the following process to perform:

  1. If the equipment is type “A” the Information Technology Services Department in the Doyle Technology Center at ext. 4357 will be notified and they will arrange for pick-up and removal.
  2. If the equipment is type “B” the Facilities Dept. @ ext. 4590 will be notified and they will arrange for pick-up and removal.
  3.  In either instance, the initiator of the request or their designee will PLEASE complete the "Declaration of Surplus State Property” form that you receive.  Forward the completed form to the Inventory Control Dept. in Crocker Annex via Campus Mail  A.S.A.P. for input to the Inventory Control Data-Base File System.
  4. The D.S.S.P. form information that will be required is:
    1. Date
    2. Requested By
    3. Department
    4. Signature
    5. Property Control asset tag #( if available )
    6. Description
    7. Condition
    8. Location      
  5. This procedure is for the sole purpose of ridding yourself of property you no longer want to have in your area and is of no use to your department. 


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