Department of Psychology and Philosophy

The Psychology and Philosophy Department offers a variety of coursework that provides opportunities for students to gain an understanding of major theories, perspectives, and methods in the field of psychology. Major courses prepare students for an educational experience that will contribute to an understanding of self and others across the lifespan. Emphasis is given to the following learning goals:

  • Goal 1 - To demonstrate knowledge in one or more of the content areas of the discipline of Psychology as influenced by both the natural sciences and social sciences;
  • Goal 2 - To be familiar with research methods (e.g., quantitative, qualitative, archival), research designs (e.g., experimental, correlational, case study), statistics (e.g., descriptive, inferential, and hypothesis testing), and psychometric principles;
  • Goal 3 - To appreciate and apply the ethical practice of scientific inquiry;
  • Goal 4 - To think scientifically while employing critical and creative thinking;
  • Goal 5 - To speak and write effectively in the discourse of the discipline;
  • Goal 6 - To respect the diversity of human behavior and experiences and to appreciate the rich opportunities for science and social relationships that such differences provide;
  • Goal 7 - To understand how the study of psychology enables individuals to contribute to making their community a better place;
  • Goal 8 - To demonstrate information competence and the ability to use computers and other technology for many purposes;
  • Goal 9 - To emerge from the major with realistic ideas about how to implement their psychological knowledge, skills and values in occupational pursuits in a variety of settings.

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