Volume 12

Career Identity: The Effects of Role Models and Career Counseling on Creating Positive Career Motivation

Krista Willard and Abbey Clark

This study examined variables, such as role models, career counseling, and gender, and their impact on the ways in which students are motivated towards career goals. Participants included 116 students, 60 of whom were women. The participants were randomly assigned to read one of two scenario conditions, one involving a student who finds a flyer regarding a mentoring program and one involving a student who finds a flyer regarding a career-counseling course. The participants then evaluated the scenario and also provided self-report information including demographics, role model influence, and career decision self-efficacy and career awareness. Results indicated no differences in perceived preference of the mentoring program or the career-counseling course by scenario. However, men and women did report a similar degree of career confidence suggesting that women are perceiving fewer obstacles in terms of career options.

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