Volume 9

Respect for Individuals that Engage in Premarital Sexual Intercourse: The Influence of Gender and Family Structure

Michaela Pichierri and Christine Corcoran

Many factors, including an individual’s gender and family structure, influence the way in which those who engage in premarital sexual intercourse are viewed. Research has yet to examine the impact of family structure on level of respect for individuals who engage in premarital sexual intercourse. This study examines the impact of gender and family structure on respect of individuals who engage in premarital sex. Participants consisted of 119 undergraduate college students. Participants read a short scenario and completed scales rating their level of respect and perceptions of aggressiveness for that scenario character. Results indicate that males who engage in premarital sex are viewed with a higher level of respect than females. Furthermore, males who engage in premarital sex were perceived to be more assertive than females. The findings indicate that gender appears to influence perceptions of males, however, the influence of family structure is in need of further research.

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