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You may contact the Office of Residence Life at 508-626-4636 or via email at

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To assist students in their search for off campus housing or parking, the following information is available:

  • The office maintains postings received in an off-campus housing and parking listing binder as an informational resource for students.  The binder is available to students and FSU staff during normal business hours.  Owners or agents wishing to add information to the binder may submit an Off-Campus Housing Form or Off-Campus Parking Form to the Office of Residence Life.
  • There are sometimes postings regarding off-campus housing on bulletin boards or posted in other areas around campus.
  • You may also consider utilizing a local realtor.  The MA Association of Realtors offers information and consumer services including finding a realtor.  Their Web site is
  • The Web site of the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts features an outstanding publication titled "The Attorney General's Consumer Guide to Tenants' Rights" which is downloadable at  The Attorney General's Office also has some other terrific consumer resources.
  • Finally, you can also run checks of complaints on the Better Business Bureau's Website at
  • More questions?  Feel free to contact us.

Please note: Any information regarding off campus housing opportunities should be evaluated carefully before making a commitment. Information posted or shared at the university is done so for informational purposes only. The university does not evaluate nor imply the suitability or safety related to any off campus housing property, landlord, realtor, or any other person or organization associated with off campus housing.

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