Students majoring in Sociology must select one of six concentrations. Each of the six concentrations has requirements in addition to the six required courses for the major.

The General Sociology concentration provides students with an opportunity to explore a wide range of subfields within the discipline. The other five concentrations offer students a focus on a specific subfield in Sociology or Anthropology. The cohesive sequence of courses in these subfields enables students to strengthen their knowledge. This knowledge will prove useful either for immediate employment opportunities upon graduation or for advanced post-graduate training.

The six concentrations from which Sociology majors may choose are:

  • General Sociology
  • Anthropology
  • Business and Society
  • Deviance and Social Control
  • Human Services
  • Social Justice

General Sociology (USOG)

The General Sociology concentration is designed for students who wish to gain a broad overview of the discipline. In addition to completing the six core requirements, students select eight Sociology electives. A minimum of two of these electives must be at the 300-level or higher.


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