Course Descriptions (continued)

SOCI 220 Sport in Society (Gen. Ed. Goal 12)
An application of various sociological perspectives to the topic of amateur and professional sport in North America. The dynamic relationship between sport as a social institution and hierarchies of race, ethnicity, social class, and gender is explored extensively. The institution of sport is examined as a cultural phenomenon and a powerful socialization tool.

SOCI 225 Genocide and Violence: Sociological Perspectives An exploration of the perplexing and disturbing reality of widespread genocide throughout the world — particularly during the 20th Century. The course considers causes, what constitutes genocide, how genocide is rationalized and allowed to continue, and what ends genocide.

SOCI 230 Law and Society (Gen. Ed. Goal 10)
A consideration of law as a process used by societies to accomplish social control, to expedite rational dispute settlement, and to provide for social change. Focusing on the United States, the course examines the interrelationships among the law, history, technology, religion, the economy, and political activities.

Prerequisite: A course from the Sociology or Government Department, or permission of instructor.

SOCI 234 Investigating Social Forces in American Society (Gen. Ed. Goal 9)

A hands-on approach to the investigation of social issues in the United States from both contemporary and historical perspectives. Students learn how to explore, organize, and present data, using various software packages and the Internet. Note: This course is computer intensive. Competency in word processing and presentation software or completion of CSCI 120 Introduction to Information Technology is strongly recommended.

SOCI 245 Race and Ethnic Relations (Gen. Ed. Goal 12)
An examination of the cultures of various racial and ethnic groups from national, international, and historical perspectives; an overview of the theories relevant for an understanding of the outcomes of intergroup contact. Note: Students may not receive credit for both SOCI 245 Race and Ethnic Relations and 52.245 Ethnicity, Culture, and Society.

SOCI 248 Social Structure and the Self
An exploration of the relationships between individuals and society with the goal of addressing how society is possible given the inherent diversity of individuals. Attention is directed to such topics as self and identity, roles and society, social perception, and social influences on the individual.

Prerequisite: SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology or permission of instructor.

SOCI 251 Cities and Communities
An examination of the effects of urbanization and suburbanization on individuals and groups. The course explores how people create and sustain their physical environments, and how social planning, changing demographics, politics, and social relationships shape the definition of community.

Prerequisite: SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology.

SOCI 253 Gender Across Cultures (Gen. Ed. Goals 11, 12)

An investigation of how womanhood and manhood are thought of and practiced in Western and non-Western cultures. The course addresses questions such as the following: How do we learn to be men or women? How do ideas of masculinity and femininity differ depending upon culture, race/ethnicity, and social class?

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