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Dear Campus Community:

Framingham State University offers resident and commuter students an array of support programs, leadership opportunities, and individual counseling services outside of the classroom. The offices and programs within the Student Affairs department contributes to Framingham State University’s learning-centered environment through its support of the intellectual growth, social development, and well being of students outside of the classroom.

Student success is promoted through a department-wide commitment to the University’s overall retention effort, through the use of comprehensive assessment of outcomes and efficacy, and through the adoption of standards of excellence in all of our work with students. The department is also dedicated to a high level of professional expertise among its staff members, and promotes professional development and growth to achieve this end.

Please feel free to comment on our services and programs by contacting me directly at We look forward to serving you.


Dr. Melinda K. Stoops
Dean of Students

Framingham State University

100 State Street

PO Box 9101

Framingham, MA 01701-9101


Phone: 508-620-1220