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Withdrawal in person:

In the event that a student desires to withdraw from the University, these procedures must be followed:

  1. Obtain Withdrawal from University form in the Dean of Students Office (McCarthy Center, Suite 504, fifth floor) and at this time review procedure for possible readmission at a future date with a staff person.
  2. Obtain signature from the Dean of Students.
  3. Obtain signature from the Student Accounts Office.
  4. Obtain signature from the Financial Aid Office.
  5. Obtain signature from the Office of Residence Life (if applicable).
  6. Return the completed withdrawal forms to the Registrar.

Withdrawal via Fax:

Occasionally, due to extenuating circumstances, a student will need to withdraw from the University but cannot do it in person.

In that case, a signed letter can be faxed to the Registrar's office (508-626-4589), which includes the student's name, student ID number, contact information and the effective date of withdrawal.

Return after Withdrawal:

1. A student who withdraws from the University in good academic standing without completing baccalaureate studies may return to the University upon written request to the Admissions Office. To insure return at the time desired, the student must make such a request to the Admissions Office before August 1, for the Fall semester, or before December 1, for the Spring semester. Requests received later than these dates may result in a semester’s delay in the return of the student to the University.

Readmits interested in on-campus housing should submit their request for readmission form/fee and any supporting documents by late March for the fall semester.

2. In determining “good standing”, the University will consider academic and social records (University judicial record), as well as financial records of the applicant student.

3. Students who have withdrawn for more than one semester must follow degree requirements stated in the University Catalog at the time of return.

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