Welcome to Residence Life!  Admissions sends new students information about housing in a Welcome Packet. In this packet, students receive information containing a FSU User Name, password set up, and a Tech Prep document with instructions to access the housing application on the myResLife portal.

If you are classified as a resident student, to access the housing application:

  1. Log on to myFramingham with the User Name and Password provided in your Admissions Welcome Packet.
  2. On myFramingham, please click on the “Around Campus” tab.
  3. Then click on the myResLife link.
  4. You will use the same User Name and Password to log onto your application. 
  5. Follow the steps to complete you application.  
  6. If you are 17, you will need to print out the Residence Hall License Agreement, complete the signature page and mail it to the Residence Life office at the address provided.

ROOM SELECTION 2016-2017 (for current residents- classes of 2017, 2018, 2019):

The 2016-2017 Room Selection process is now closed. 

If you received a time slot to select housing for 2016-2017 and did not select a housing space, please email Residence Life today!

Don’t know much information about your fall roommate(s)?  You can always communicate with them by simply logging back onto the myReslife portal to send a message.  Students will receive an email in July confirming their housing assignment, roommate(s), and move-in information.


Where you a resident or commuter and want to live on campus this upcoming year?  All spring 2016 resident students who did not pay a housing deposit and all commuter students may now pay a $150 housing wait list deposit either online through their student account on myFramingham   ( or in-person at the Student Services Center (5th Floor-McCarthy Center).  For additional instructions on how to make an e-Deposit, follow the steps outlined in the “Student Accounts myFramingham Guide.”

After paying the $150 deposit, log onto the myResLife portal and complete the Housing Wait List Application.  Please note that it may take up 1-2 business days after making your deposit payment to gain access to the Housing Wait List Application on the myResLife portal.  To access the myResLife portal, simply log on to myFramingham and click on “Around Campus” tab, then click on “myResLife” link and follow the instructions.

So, what does it mean to be on the Housing Wait List?

Students on the Housing Wait List are not guaranteed housing but will be contacted through student email as space becomes available.  Once offered housing, you will have 48 hours to respond.  You may accept the space offered, decline the space and move to the bottom of the list to await another offer, or decline housing. If you do not respond to an offer within 48 hours, however, your Housing Wait List application will be cancelled and you will be removed from the Housing Wait List.   

Students on the Housing Wait list must meet on-campus housing eligibility requirements (matriculated student with full course load, be in good academic and financial standing, and with all required medical documentation confirmed on file by Health Services, before a residence hall assignment will be offered.  All first time resident students are required to submit completed health care documentation forms, including physical exam and immunization records, to the Health Center prior to receiving a housing offer.  Students on the Housing Wait List who have never lived on campus must complete pre-entrance medical requirements by July 1st, 2016 for the Fall 2016 Term or by December 1st, 2016 for the Spring 2017 Term to remain active on the Housing Wait List.

Housing Plans Changed?

If you no longer need on-campus housing, you can withdraw your housing wait list application via the myResLife portal.  You may also request a refund of your housing wait list deposit in writing from your student email account if you have not received an offer to live on campus. Email requests to  The deposit is non-refundable unless a request for refund of the deposit and removal from the list is received prior to being offered a housing assignment.

2016-2017 Residence Hall License Agreement

Want to live in a single room?

A single room waiting list is maintained in Residence Life for residents interested in changing into a single occupancy room. Residents are eligible to register on the single wait list beginning at room selection (in April for returning residents) or after fall move-in (for new resident students).

To register, from your FSU email account, contact Assignments Coordinator Laurie Carr at .

Want a room change?

Room change requests are not processed earlier than two weeks after the start of each semester. This policy enables Residence Life staff to determine the status of students who have not checked into housing and to confirm an available space. Exceptions to this policy are made only in the case of a documented health or safety emergency.

Residents requesting a room change because of roommate conflict are strongly encouraged to work towards a reasonable resolution to the conflict. While often challenging, learning how to manage and resolve conflict can also be viewed as on opportunity to learn and develop skills. Members of the RA staff, counseling center staff, and the residence director are all resources available to provide consultation and/or assistance in residents’ efforts to resolve conflict. While staff can consult and assist, the responsible for resolution of conflict ultimately remains with the roommates.

Framingham State reserves the right to reassign a resident to an alternative on campus assignment. Prior to reassignment of a space during the fall or spring semester, Framingham State will generally attempt to discuss re-assignment options, if any. with the student. Framingham State also reserves the right to increase room occupancy as necessary.

Please note the following:
After the room change period opens, students may submit a room change request form to propose a change. Residents should contact their Residence Director to obtain a request form. Room change requests are subject to te approval of the residence director(s) responsible for the hall(s) and the residence life assignment coordinator.
Students who make an unauthorized move may face disciplinary action and will be charged for occupancy of the second room on a daily basis until the student is confirmed in an authorized assigned space.

Currently a commuter and want to become a resident?

If you are a commuter and want to be a resident you must first pay the housing wait list deposit (via your myFramingham student account). Next you complete the online housing application via the myResLife portal (found on myFramingham). You will be contacted via your FSU email account if a space becomes available during the academic year. Contact Laurie Carr (Residence Life Housing Assignments Coordinator, if you have any questions about the Housing Wait List or living on campus.