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Faculty Led Programs Abroad

Faculty-led programs provide a variety of benefits for students:

  • an overseas program directly linked to their coursework at FSU,
  • the security of traveling with someone whom they know and respect, and
  • a shorter program that opens up this opportunity to many students who otherwise would not go abroad.

Programs may take many forms. Possible options are:

  • a short trip (7-14 days), integrated into a semester course of study and may take place before, during or after the semester; a short trip (7-14 days) during a vacation period that is not offered for academic credit; a longer study tour (3-4 weeks) that offers a full course credit; or a full semester abroad.

If you are a student, please see the current list of programs being offered by faculty.

Faculty-led programs are as rewarding as they are involved. The Faculty Coordinator is instructor, logistical coordinator, and at times, counselor (both academic and personal). If organizing a program abroad is something you would like to pursue, please begin with the Handbook for Program Development.

The process begins a year before the program is due to run and the Office of International Education will work with you closely throughout the process. Please feel free to contact the Director with any questions.

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