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Students can enhance their academic experience greatly with summer study programs. Summer programs are a different experience compared to a year abroad or semester abroad program but they can be just as enlightening and rewarding. A successful summer study abroad program may fit your needs better than a semester or full year abroad.

If you are interested in studying on a summer program abroad, please consult with the OIE office well in advance. There is no approved list like that for semester-length or full-year programs, but most of the institutions on the approved list also run summer programs.

There are exciting and affordable programs in Italy, England, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands.

Most summer programs are 4 or 6 weeks in length and allow you to enroll in 1 or 2 courses.

Most programs offer small scholarships for summer programs, please see the Office of International Education for assistance in determining a summer program.

The IIE Passport publication Short-Term Study Abroad, is a useful reference, though you should be careful to find out as much as you can about the quality and credentials of any program you find listed.

Credit for summer programs follows the same process as for a semester abroad.

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