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After recent FSU graduate, Kyle Fortin, returned from her study abroad adventure, she considered herself "one of the luckiest girls in the world."  Kyle studied abroad in Florence, Italy her senior year. Not only was this a life-changing experience of personal growth, but after graduation she landed a job in, where other than, Florence! Kyle shared with us the following passage as a way to express her gratitude for her study abroad experience, and the success she gained.

I consider myself to be one of the luckiest girls in the world.  No, I don't have tons of money, a career, or a handsome boyfriend.  What I do have though, is the whole world.  

Looking back one year ago I was about to embark on a huge trip; studying abroad in Florence, Italy for the fall semester of my senior year.  Of course I was scared and nervous - what if I don't make any friends, what if I don't like living there. Little did I know that this trip would change my life.

Even though my Dad thinks I was frolicking around Europe to go shopping for handmade leather bags, I actually did learn some things while there.

I learned to try new foods.

I learned to be excited to wake up every day and not know who I could be meeting on my daily adventures.

I learned to not care about Snapchat and drama on social media. I learned to put the phone down and open my eyes; the world is a beautiful and incredible place.

I learned that each day is a gift.  Take nothing for granted.  Don't expect and wait for things to come to you.  You control your life, take initiative.

I learned about myself. About the person I want to be and how to be me with the confidence and maturity I gained.  

Sure, studying abroad may not be all fun and games, there are definitely some things that were hard adjusting to.  For instance the language barriers, getting accustomed to the food, and living on a 5Euro/day budget.  Though, living in Florence taught me to embrace all of these little things.  I get to walk on our world's history every day just from walking to class.  You think America is old?

Prior to studying abroad I was very closed-minded. I thought that all that mattered was being invited to the baseball house on the weekends for the parties and if I looked cute walking by my crush in the cafeteria.  I was young and naive.  Traveling opened my eyes to how big this world is and I want to see it all. 

Transitioning to day to day life back in America after studying abroad was the toughest. But I am the luckiest girl in the world because of where I am today.  Not only did I go to more countries than I can count on two hands, but I also came home with new lifelong friendships, an awesome internship at the headquarters of a company that I truly love, which resulted in a (part time) job after graduation. 
And now, I have just been offered a position with a student tour travel company in Florence. On August 18th I will move back to Italy for the fall semester and I couldn't be more excited about it!


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