Major in American Sign Language

Major in American Sign Language/English Interpreting*

The American Sign Language-English Interpreting program is a degree-completion program, offered under the auspices of Framingham State University’s Continuing Education Department. Students who meet the admissions requirements will be able to complete the program in two years.


Requirement Prior to Matriculation

Prior to entering Framingham State University’s program, students need to have completed:
1. Advanced American Sign Language I & II
2. An introductory level course in American Sign Language: English interpreting
3. Three courses in the area of Deaf Studies (e.g., Deaf Culture, Deaf Literature and Folklore, Deaf Community)

Additionally, if students are to complete the program in two years, they will need to have accrued general education credits that fulfill at least 7 of Framingham State University’s General Education requirements or that are eligible for MassTransfer credit.

See the Course Descriptions.

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