Minor in Latin American Studies

Students interested in this program must apply to the Chairs of either the Geography, History, or World Languages Departments. To complete the minor, four of the five courses must be taken outside the student’s major department. No course may fulfill both major and minor requirements, but courses in the minor may be used to fulfill general education requirements.

Note: World Language majors must take at least two  additional approved courses, outside the major, and not listed above. Approval must be given by the Chair of the World Languages Department. No Latin American Studies minor will be awarded without compliance with the above format.

The minor requires five (5) courses as follows:

Four (4) Required courses:

GEOG 257 Geography of Latin America
HIST 336 Latin America from the Conquest to the Present
MLSP 332 Advanced Spanish Composition and Conversation II or the equivalent
MLSP 334 Spanish-American Culture and Civilization

One (1) Elective Course:

The student must choose at least one (1) of the following courses:

HIST 314 United States Diplomatic History
MLSP 435 The Boom in Latin-American Literature
MLSP 432 Contemporary Trends in Spanish-American Thought

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