Modern Languages Major with Minor in Secondary Education

The minor in Secondary Education leads to Initial Licensure for Teachers of Modern Languages Grades 5-12. The Department requires that prior to student teaching, the students must have taken all of the education courses, MLLI 350 Romance Linguistics, and nine (9) of the advanced language courses required for the major.

For both academic and practical reasons, World Language majors with a concentration in Spanish or in French are encouraged to achieve proficiency in a second world language.

1. General Education Requirements (11 courses)

2. World Language major requirements with a concentration:

Core Requirement (one course):

MLLI 350 Romance Linguistics

Concentration in one of the following (11 courses):

World Languages

3. Education Minor Requirements:

EDUC 200 Education in American Society with Field Study I

EDUC 318 Professional Preparation and Field Study II: Methods, Special Education, and Technology for World Languages, Grades 5-12 (Credit - two course credits).

EDUC 421 Student Teaching Practicum and Seminar I: World Languages Grades 5-12 (Credit - two course credits).

EDUC 422 Student Teaching Practicum and Seminar II: World Languages Grades 5 - 12 (Credit - two course credits).

PSYC 200 Psychology of Development (Gen. Ed. Goal 9)

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