FSU Launching New MBA Concentration in the Booming Field of Biotechnology

FSU Launching New MBA Concentration in the Booming Field of Biotechnology

Nov 13, 2017

Framingham State University is launching an innovative new Master of Business Administration (MBA) concentration in fall 2018 that capitalizes on the region’s position as one of the major biotechnology hubs in the world.

The MBA with a concentration in Biotechnology Operations is structured to prepare business students for leadership and management roles in biotechnology industries. Much of the current unmet needs in biotechnology include finding qualified individuals who can direct financing and operations in a technically demanding environment. Venture capital funding, business acquisition, company valuation or business development are the main drivers of current biotechnology industry growth, according to Dr. Steve Moysey, Director of FSU’s MBA Programs.

“This new MBA concentration is a really unique program that is being driven by job growth projections for the MetroWest area,” says Moysey.

Dr. Sunny Tam, who coordinates the Professional Science Master’s Program in Biotechnology at FSU, says the new MBA concentration should attract mid-level biotechnology employees who are seeking to advance as well as students looking to break into the industry.

“This program is a great opportunity to learn the business skills needed to succeed within the biotechnology industry and to make professional contacts with employers,” says Tam.  “We have an active internship program with many of the major companies in the region.”

Students in the program must complete 12 courses – eight core business courses and four biotechnology operations courses. 

Students can choose from three different options to complete the program, including a full-time track that enables someone to earn their degree in under two years. There are also two part-time tracks offering students who work full time the option to complete one or two courses per semester.

“This collaborative effort between two fields represents the strength of interdisciplinary graduate programs,” says Dr. Yaser Najjar, Dean of Graduate Studies. “Nowadays, job markets appreciate graduates with multifunctional knowledge and skills.”

Framingham State’s push to create more opportunities for students in Biotechnology has been driven by the local business community. Massachusetts is one of the major drivers for biotechnology innovation and development in the world.

Within the past few years, FSU has launched the Professional Science Masters (PSM) program in Biotechnology and a 4+1 program in Biotechnology, which allows students to earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in just five years.

To learn more about these opportunities, visit www.framingham.edu.

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