Andrew Franquiz '17


Andrew Franquiz

Pursuing my Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Criminology has afforded me an insight into some of the most pressing social and criminal justice issues. I have gained a deep understanding of criminological concepts, policy implications, and the most innovative and progressive research methodology. Investigating the causes, costs, and consequences of crime through an intersectional lens has sharpened my awareness and has allowed me to become well rounded within the field of criminology. I am currently enrolled in an independent study, working one-on-one with Dr. Vincent Ferraro, a faculty member within the Sociology department. Upon completion, I will have conducted a qualitative analysis examining the ways in which drug laws effect individuals who use, abuse, and who are addicted to illicit drugs.

Upon graduation, I will be attending Northeastern University’s School of Criminology and Criminal Justice to pursue a Masters of Science degree in Criminal Justice.