Academic Success Workshops

Massachusetts Teachers Exam for Licensure (MTEL) Preparation Workshops

Fall 2019 Workshop Schedule

Academic Success in CASA, in coordination with the Education Department, offers the following workshops for current Framingham State students during the fall and spring semesters: 

  •          Multi-session Communication and Literacy Skills Test (CLST)* 
  •          Multi-session General Curriculum Math Subtlest 
  •          One-day Foundations of Reading 

*For students who need additional support beyond the workshop, designated writing tutors will be available for individual appointments. The writing tutor will help students prepare for the Writing Subtest of the CLST. Students who need support passing the Reading Subtest of the CLST may also make appointments with a writing tutor who specializes in reading. Please see Ally Chisholm for more information.  


Academic Success 101 

Academic Success 101 is a half-day workshop designed for first-year students placed on academic probation or those who wish improved academic performance.  Academic Success 101 combines presentations on academic skills, faculty and student panels, and individual academic advising to help students get back on track.  Information about Academic Success 101 will be available in January 2016. 

Accuplacer Workshops 

Academic Success offers workshops to new and current students to aid in preparation for the Accuplacer Elementary Algebra test.

The Accuplacer Elementary Algebra workshop is online and self-paced through Blackboard.  If you are unable to access the Accuplacer Elementary Algebra workshop, please contact Ally Chisholm.  

For more information about placement testing and general preparation resources, please visit First Year Programs.  

Plagiarism Workshop

Academic Success, in conjunction faculty members, has developed an online plagiarism workshop available on Blackboard.  This self-paced workshop contains modules designed to help educate students on the differences between cheating and plagiarism, the different forms of plagiarism, and Framingham State's Academic Honesty Policy.  If you are unable to access the Plagiarism Workshop, please contact Ally Chisholm.  

For questions about any of the above workshops, please contact: 

Ally Chisholm, Academic Success Coordinator

LaDonna Bridges, Associate Dean of Academic Success