Biology SI Leaders

Kaylan Brunsdon

BIOL 208-001

Kaylan is a Biology major with a concentration in Wildlife Biology from Millis, MA. She loves learning the way life works “down to the smallest molecule.” Kaylan has an irrational love for all things feline in particular- and has the cat posters and stuffed animals to prove it. She enjoys drawing and reading in her spare time.

Natalie Cooney

BIOL 161-001

Natalie is a Sophomore, Wildlife and Environmental Biology major, with a minor in Neuroscience. She is from Wilbraham, MA, which is located right next to Springfield, the home of Friendly's Ice Cream! She wanted to become an SI leader because having one in her introductory biology classes set her up with the skills she needed to succeed. Outside of school, Natalie's hobbies include theater, hiking, and anything else that will get her outside.

Rose Determan

BIOL 130-02S

Rose is a Junior, Environmental Science and Policy major from Franklin, MA. She is also minoring in Communication Arts and GIS. She wanted to become an SI leader to help students succeed in an interesting topic that has significance in the world around us. After Rose graduates, she would like to be a park ranger, but she is still open to exploring other opportunities.

Olivia Mangue

BIOL 160-001

Olivia is a senior Chemistry major with a Biochemistry concentration and a Biology minor. She is an international student from Equatorial Guinea (in central Africa). Olivia wanted to be an SI leader to help students in challenging course the same way she benefited from SI sessions in the past. Some of her interests include travelling, going to concerts and she looooves dancing so be on the look out for her at the next Culture Show!

Doug Perkins

BIOL 109-002

Doug is a Senior Biology major from Newton, MA. He grew up near Tampa, FL. He wanted to become an SI leader to help out students by relating to how they struggle with the same material he did. Outside of class, Doug is interested in music, running, and hiking.

Grace Terrell

BIOL 101-001

Grace is a Junior studying Elementary Education with an interdisciplinary major in Language Arts. She is from East Longmeadow, a town in Western Mass. Her hobbies include skiing, exercising, and shopping. Grace chose to become an SI leader so that she could working with others.

Cheryl Thomas

BIOL 208-001

Cheryl is a Junior in the Honors Program with a major in Biology. Her passion for biology and helping her peers lead her to become an SI Leader. This also encourages her to exit her comfort zone and meet new people. Cheryl enjoys drawing, crochet, and learning different languages.

Scott Callahan

ENVS 202-001

Scott is a Junior from Tewksbury, MA. He is a Biology major and a Statistics minor. He became an SI leader to become one of the resources that helped him in numerous difficult courses. Scott hopes to one day obtain a Masters Degree in Applied Statistics or Bio-statistics.