Mathematics SI Leaders

Ed Aggouras

MATH 123-007

Ed is a Computer Science major graduating in 2021. He is from Arlington, Ma and wanted to become an SI leader because he always enjoyed helping people in class. In his free time, Ed enjoys spending time with his family and going on his boat to fish.

Brianne Barrett

MATH 120-001

Brianne is a Senior at FSU and is from Worcester, MA. She is majoring in English with a minor in Communication Arts. Brianne wanted to become an SI Leader because she likes to help other students succeed in their courses. She enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and pets and she loves to read.

Maiya Ellis

STAT 117-005/015

Maiya is a Freshman at FSU majoring in Psychology. She wanted to become an SI Leader because she enjoys helping others and watching others succeed. Her hobbies include photography and playing guitar.

Adi Fernandez

MATH 206-001

Adi is a Sophomore and a Math major. She is from Puerto Rico, but currently lives in Framingham. She wanted to become an SI Leader because she wanted to help other people who are struggling in the same classes she once took. She is bilingual and knows how to speak Spanish. In her free time, Adi enjoys drawing.

Natasha Gambarov

MATH 200-002/003

Natasha is an Early Childhood Education major with a concentration in Natural Science. She also has minors in math and biology. Natasha is from Sherborn, MA. She wanted to become an SI leader because she finds great satisfaction in being able to help students understand challenging material that they will hopefully use in their careers. She also loves to cook and write poems on her free time.

James Longnecker

MATH 123-001/011

James Longnecker is a senior Mathematics major. He loves math and sharing his love of math with other people. He recognizes that many people do not particularly like math, so his goal as an S.I. is to help students learn math in ways that are easy for them, and hopefully in ways that they will be able to enjoy. James has always enjoyed helping and teaching people, and being an S.I. is a great first step on his path to becoming a math teacher.

Niome Mengistu

STAT 117-001/011

Niome is a Freshman and a Political Science major. Her hometown is Leominster, MA and her hobbies include cleaning and organizing. She wanted to become an SI leader for Statistics because it took her a while to understand the material, but once she did, it became so simple and she would like to help others do the same!

SI Leader Placeholder

MATH 123-003

Bio coming soon!

Kathleen Moore

STAT 107-001/002

Kathleen is a Freshman, Marketing major and Honors Program student from Westford, MA. She chose to become an SI leader because of her math aptitude and her love for helping others. On campus she is part of Alternative Spring Break, the symphonic band, and the Gatepost, FSU's independent student newspaper.

Noah Zahn

MATH 123-004

Noah is a Sophomore majoring in Psychology with a secondary major in Pre-Med (pre-health). His goal is to go to medical school, get a medical degree (MD) and, get a PhD in another field. Most likely that will be Physics. He wanted to become an SI in order to challenge himself but, more importantly, to help others reach their goals and realize their own potential. In his free time, Noah enjoys drawing, watching science and criminal videos, and playing chess. He hopes someone will challenge him in a chess match, losing gives more opportunity to learn after all.