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Internships are more important than ever before! They build resumes and help you figure out what you want to do in your professional life. They are a solid investment in your future. Currently, it’s a particularly competitive job market. Research has found that students with one or more internships find jobs sooner and start at a higher salary that those without internships. With internship experience you’ll be able to include professional work experience on your resume, as well as create professional examples of your work to show perspective employers. You’ll build self confidence. You’ll find networking opportunities.

Question: Am I required to do an Internship?
Yes, if your concentration is Organizational & Corporate (UCMC) or Integrated Visual Media (UCMI). Please note: While not required, Communication Studies (UCMG) students can use Internship to fulfill a production requirement. We encourage everyone to consider doing one or more internships -- about 60% of our majors do so even if not required. Communication, Media, and Performance Internships are only for students who have been accepted into the Communication, Media, and Performance Department.

Question: Are paid Internships available?
Yes. Important note: The CHOICE program (Community/Hometown Organizations Internship and Cooperative Education) offers funding for internships within the town of Framingham and local community organizations. See Dawn Ross, Career Services, and the Communication, Media, and Performance internship supervisor for details. There are opportunities in addition to this program, but the sooner you start your internship hunt, the more likely you will find one. A few students have written proposals related to their current job, and created a paid internship for themselves.

Question: What if I don’t have a car to get to a site?
There are many opportunities available on campus. See Career Services about these options.

Question: What are Internship application deadlines?
We recommend you turn your application in by May 1 for the fall, November 25 for the spring, and April 15 for the summer. However, different sites have their own time frames for applications. You can enroll in Internship up until the end of the Add-Drop period of the specific semester. Each site has their own deadlines.

Question: What’s the process? How do I get started?
You must have taken COMM 250: Media/Society/Self and get permission from the Internship instructor. Once that’s completed, go to Career Services and have your resume critiqued. This is an important step, as you will then be introduced to the resources in Career Services. Dawn Ross is the Director of Internships campus-wide. Once you’re registered with Career Services, you can receive e-mails telling you of internship opportunities. You will have access to their website to search for internships as well as information on things like cover letters, how to interview, and dressing for success.

IMPORTANT: Watch for e-mails telling about new internship opportunities or workshops about Internships. It is certainly in your best interest to monitor and read them!

Work with your advisor and/or the Instructor of COMM 495 to determine an appropriate site. You will need to find your own Internship, but faculty can offer you advice or possibly tell you of a site to explore. Once you have chosen your site, you need to fill out an application/contract. Thoroughly discuss with your site supervisor the specific details of what you will be doing and when you will be doing it. Most students leave two days free in their schedule to fit in the hours required. (140 hours for a 1 credit Internship; 280 for a 2 credit Internship.) Students usually work 10-12 hours per week.

PAPERWORK: First have the site supervisor sign the application/contract. The next step is to have the instructor of Comm Arts Internship review, approve, and sign this form. The last step is to WALK the form, along with a signed override form, to the Registrar. You will then be able to register on-line. Within 48 hours you will be placed in Blackboard where you will find the syllabus for the course (including the start date for course meetings), the location for Journal submission, and additional course materials. Override forms can be found on MyFramingham. In the summer, Internship is offered through DCGE, and you must pay separate tuition for the course. Internship is not offered during the winter break.

Once registered, you’ll be put into Blackboard where you will find the syllabus. The first class is held after Drop-Add period to allow late students to register. Weekly journal assignments, completed through Blackboard, are required, as well as a final paper. Classes are required and held once a month. Your supervisor will complete an evaluation form, to be turned into the Instructor.

Question: Where do I find the application/contract?
Paper copies are found on the bulletin board near WL203 as well as on the Communication, Media, and Performance Website. 

OTHER SUGGESTIONS: Start looking early. Talk with students who have done Internships. Ask their advice. It’s all about networking!