Liberal Studies Major

College of Arts and Humanities


The Bachelor of Arts, with a Major in Liberal Studies is intended as an opportunity to enable students, under faculty-advisor guidance, to design a unique program of study not readily available within the existing curricular structure of the University. This major aims at providing alternative avenues for accommodating the individual academic interest of students. A student may either (a) pursue in-depth study in an area or areas not presently offered as majors at Framingham State University or (b) may choose a broad spectrum of course work among a number of disciplines in lieu of the traditional one-discipline course of study.

Students in this major have the opportunity to experience a broad course of study in the traditional liberal arts and sciences which fosters skills such as conceptual analysis, critical thinking, disciplined writing, creative problem-solving, ethical and moral reasoning, and strong leadership.

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Prior Learning Assessment

Students accepted into the Liberal Studies major may choose to apply for Prior Learning Assessment credit (a maximum of eight (8) course-credits). Such credit is awarded through a portfolio assessment process and may be granted for substantive learning that has occurred outside the classroom following high school graduation of completion of the GED.

Credit may be awarded in the following areas:

  • Employment
  • Community Service
  • Independent Learning
  • Military Service
  • Noncredit Educational Experiences
  • Educational Travel

Students who wish to apply for "Prior Learning Assessment" credit must complete the portfolio process within twelve months of matriculation into the Liberal Studies major. "Prior Learning Assessment" credits are only applicable to the Liberal Studies major at Framingham State University (these credits will be removed from the student’s academic record should the student change their major).


Students seeking certification for certain professional programs (e.g. teacher or dietetic licensure) should consult an advisor, as the Liberal Studies major may not bean appropriate route to those professions.


Degree Requirements for the Major in Liberal Studies:

  • Eleven (11) General Education course-credits including one laboratory science.
  • Eleven (11) Open Elective course-credits. A maximum of eight (8) course-credits may be applied toward open electives from “Prior Learning Assessment” course-credits.
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 in the major as well as an overall GPA of 2.00 is required in order to graduate.
  • Residency requirements: A minimum of eight (8) course-credits post-matriculation must be taken at the University to complete residency requirements for the degree.
  • A minimum of five (5) course-credits post-matriculation must be taken in the concentration, to include two (2) advanced level (300-400) concentration course-credits along with LIBS 450 Seminar in Liberal Studies.


Major Requirements (10 Course-Credits)

Two (2) Major Core Requirements:

  • LIBS 250 Introduction to Research Methods
  • LIBS 450 Seminar in Liberal Studies


Concentration in General Studies (ULIG) (8 courses):

Eight (8) concentration courses from at least two (2) but no more than three (3) major academic departments. A total of five (5) course-credits from at least two (2) academic departments must be completed at the advanced level (300-400), two (2) of which must be taken at FSU post-matriculation.


Concentration in Individualized Studies (ULIS) (8 courses):

Eight (8) concentration courses, of which a minimum of five (5) course credits must be completed at the advanced level (300-400). Students must submit an academic plan listing the eight (8) concentration courses for approval to the Liberal Studies Advisory Group prior to starting the desired program. Any changes from the approved academic plan must be submitted to the Liberal Studies Advisory Group for approval prior to enrolling in the course(s).  


Effective as of the 2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog