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Michael Crosier, PhD, RD
Assistant Professor, Food and Nutrition

Educational background: PhD Tufts University; MS Tufts University; BS University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Teaching areas: Nutrition Science and Applications, Human Nutrition Science, Nutritional Biochemistry
Areas of specialty: Biochemical and molecular nutrition

Maureen Kelly Gonsalves, M.ED, RD
Instructor, Food and Nutrition

Educational background: M.Ed, RD Framingham State University; BS University of Vermont
Teaching areas: Foodservice Management; Foodservice Systems
Areas of specialty: Food safety; Nutrition education, Management in food and nutrition

Andrea Gorman, PhD, MS, RD, LDNAndrea Gorman
Assistant Professor, Food and Nutrition

Educational background: PhD Boston University School of Medicine; MS University of New Haven; BS University of Rhode Island
Teaching areas: Medical Nutrition Therapy, Food Culture and Society, Nutrition Practice
Areas of specialty: Health literacy, nutrition support and intervention, overweight/obesity co-morbidity issues

Ann W Johnson, PhD, MBA, RD, LD
Instructor, Food and Nutrition

Educational background:  PhD Auburn University, MBA Carnegie Mellon, AB Bryn Mawr College
Teaching areas:  Food Service Management, Experimental Foods, Clinical Experience, Introductory Nutrition
Areas of specialty:  Food science and management, Sports Nutrition, Renal dietetics

Susan J. Massad, HSD, RD, CHESSusan Massad
Professor, Food and Nutrition
Director, Didactic Program in Dietetics

Educational background: H.S.D. (Doctor of Health and Safety), Indiana University, M.Ed. Worcester State College, B.S. Framingham State University
Teaching areas: Nutrition Science and Applications, Nutrition for Sports and Exercise, Personal and Community Health, Drugs, Alcohol, and Addictive Behavior
Areas of specialty: Sports nutrition, health education

Karen McGrail, MEd, RD, LDNKaren McGrail
Instructor, Food and Nutrition
Director, John C. Stalker Institute of Food and Nutrition

Educational background: M.Ed., B.S. Framingham State University
Teaching areas: Introduction to Nutrition Practice, Computer Applications in School Food Service
Areas of specialty: Pediatric nutrition, school nutrition, nutrition counseling, technology

Suzanne Neubauer, PhD, RD, CNSCSuzanne Neubauer
Professor, Food and Nutrition
Director, Coordinated Program in Dietetics
Advisor, M.S. Food and Nutrition

Educational background: Ph.D. University of Connecticut, M.S. The Pennsylvania State University, B.S. Immaculata College
Teaching areas: Medical Nutrition Therapy, Seminar in Clinical Nutrition, Clinical Experiences in Dietetics
Areas of specialty: Medical Nutrition Therapy, Nutrition Support

Jerusha Nelson-Peterman, PhD, RDJ Nelson Peterman
Assistant Professor, Food and Nutrition

Educational background: PhD, Tufts University (Food Policy and Applied Nutrition); MS and Dietetic Internship, University of Utah (Foods and Nutrition); BS Brigham Young University (Molecular Biology)
Teaching areas: Experimental Study of Foods; Research Methods in Nutrition Education
Areas of specialty: Refugee nutrition and health, food security, culture and food, experimental food preparation

Janet Schwartz, MS, RDJanet Schwarz
Professor, Food and Nutrition
Chair, Department of Food and Nutrition

Educational background: M.S. Harvard School of Public Health, B.S. Cornell University
Teaching areas: Community Nutrition, Public Health, Life Cycle Nutrition, Introductory Nutrition
Areas of specialty: sociocultural aspects of food, child nutrition, nutrition education

Brian Souza, Ph.D., ACSM EP-C
Assistant Professor, Food and Nutrition

Educational background: Ph.D., Oregon State University; MS, Springfield College; BS, Springfield College
Teaching areas: Personal and Community Health, Personal Training, Exercise Testing and Prescription, Wellness Behavior
Areas of specialty: Behavioral aspects of physical activity and wellness