Global Studies

The Global Studies major is an interdisciplinary baccalaureate program grounded in a strong liberal arts curriculum.

In today’s world, there is an expanding demand for a greater understanding of how global processes shape economic, cultural, and political interactions among and between communities. The Global Studies major in FSU offers a stimulating interdisciplinary educational experience to enable students become empowered global citizens ready to engage cross-cultural dialogues. The program gives students the advantage of choosing a multidisciplinary major that emphasizes international experience and language, and connects their local experiences to contemporary global issues. Upon completion of the major, students will be prepared to engage with the complexities of cultures outside their own, and be able to identify the social, historical and geographical contexts of global inequalities and other critical issues.

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A Never-Ending Story: Artsakh & Azerbaijan

This event raises awareness about the tragedies in Artsakh and Azerbaijan disputed territory, Artsakh/Nagorno-Karabakh. Panelists discuss the geopolitical issues in the Caucasus region, media influences, the Armenian diaspora experiences and human rights.

Joe Coelho
Dr. Joseph Coelho

Assistant Professor of Political Science, Program Coordinator for Global Studies

Office: O'Connor Hall 307
Phone Number: 508-626-4571

Dr. Joseph Coelho holds a Ph.D. in International Relations from Northeastern University. He has written extensively in the areas of post-conflict state-building and democratization in the Western Balkans. He is currently writing on issues of populism and authoritarianism in post-communist countries; state capture and corruption; and the politics of religion and identity in Kosovo.

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