PSM Guest Speakers



Andrea Edling PhD

Associate Director, Global Research Program and Portfolio Management, Sanofi US

Alison McVie-Wylie PhD

Head of Biologics Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics

Rare Disease Research, Sanofi R&D

Justine Rovedo

Sr. Director, Global Operations Portfolio Management, Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Gloria Lau

Sr Director, Program management, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Timothy Weeden

Senior scientist, Biologics Research, Sanofi R&D

Sherry Cao PhD

Director Immunology Systems Computational Biology, Abbvie Inc.

Yana Stackpole

Glucore Inc., Boston

Maureen Magnay PhD

Principal scientist, Biologics Research, Sanofi R&D

Andrew Good DPhil

Scientific fellow, Schrodinger, Inc., Cambridge,

Renato Skerlj PhD

VP of Drug Discovery and Preclinical Development, Lysosomal Therapeutics, Cambridge

Tony Ip PhD

Professor, Molecular Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Steven Theroux

Professor of Biology, assumption College, Worcester

Samuel S. Chuang PhD

Scientific Advisory Services, Charles River

Michael Naill PhD

Director Manufacturing Sciences, Bluebird Bio, Cambridge

Liz Proos

Director of Formulation Development, Microchips Biotech, Lexington

Abraham Scaria PhD

VP & Head of Ophthalmology, Casebia Therapeutics, Cambridge

Richard Steel

Medical Intelligence and Patient Perspective, Sanofi, Framingham

Ajeeta Dash PhD

Medical Intelligence and Patient Perspective, Takeda Pharmaceuticals Inc., Cambridge

Tom McMurray PhD

Director, Business Development, Boston University Office of Technology Development

John Tagliomonte

Entrepreneur-in-Residence, MAssBIO, Cambridge