Meet the Director

Sunny Tam, PhD

Director of the PSM Biotechnology

BS, Boston College; PhD, Boston University Medical School; Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University School of Public Health


Sunny Tam, PhD has 20 years of biotechnology and academic experiences in early stage R&D, preclinical testing, assay and technology development following his training from the Harvard University School of Public Health. He has held numerous scientific and management positions in small molecule discovery and protein therapeutic companies including Mitotix, Inc., Texas Biotechology Corporation and Tanox Inc. Dr. Tam is a pioneer in protein microarray development and application of proteomic tools in drug discovery, biomarker discovery and assay development.  He is well published and has contributed significantly toward a number of issued patents and federally awarded grants.  During his tenure as Program Director at Charles River Laboratories and then University of Massachusetts Medical School, Dr. Tam successfully completed numerous projects for major US biopharmaceutical and government sponsors in new protein technology development, further advancing biomarker discovery and product applications in a number of chronic human diseases.  More recently serving as the VP of R&D at Nuclea Bio, he has built a GLP facility for the development of FDA regulated clinical diagnostic assays with novel biomarkers.  At Clark University as a Research Associate Professor, he has established a state of art Proteomic and Metabolomic laboratory for internal research and student teaching.

Selected Publications

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