Freshman Admissions Standards

The minimum undergraduate admissions standards were established by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education. Meeting the minimum standards does not guarantee admission.

Freshman applicants are required to successfully complete the following 17 college preparatory courses in each academic subject:

  • 4 English courses
  • 4 Mathematics courses (Algebra I & II, and Geometry or Trigonometry, or comparable coursework; including a mathematics course during the final year of high school)
  • 3 Science courses (including 3 courses with laboratory work)
  • 2 Social Science courses (including 1 U.S. History course)
  • 2 Foreign Language courses (in a single language)
  • 2 Elective courses (from the above subjects, Arts and Humanities, or Computer Sciences)

The minimum average GPA for freshman applicants, weighted for accelerated courses (Honors and Advanced Placement), is 3.0. The sliding scale is used when an applicant’s recalculated GPA is below a 3.0. No applicant with a high school GPA below 2.0 may be admitted to a state university.

Weighted Average GPACombined OLD SAT Score
(Critical Reading and Mathematics)
Combined NEW SAT Score
(Evidence Based Reading & Writing and Mathematics)
ACT Score
2.51 - 2.9991099019
2.41 - 2.50950103020
2.31 - 2.40990107021
2.21 - 2.301030111022
2.11 - 2.201070114023
2.00 - 2.101110118024

For applicants who are English language learners, have documented learning disabilities, or are enrolled in career/vocational technical high school programs, please make note of the admissions standards exceptions and allowances.