Eligibility for Mancuso Scholarships

These four-year renewable scholarships provide support for 100% of Day Division tuition, fees, and room and board for Mancuso Scholars for up to eight total semesters (excludes Continuing Education and summer coursework at FSU). In order to foster a shared financial investment in baccalaureate studies, these scholarships do not include cost of books, travel, and miscellaneous expenses.

Mancuso Scholars must:

  • Apply as a high school senior, U.S. Citizen, and graduate from a Massachusetts high school;
  • Apply to the English major or specified FSU Humanities major on the application for admissions (see eligible majors below);
  • Have at least a 3.5 recalculated high school GPA at time of application;
  • Enroll as and maintain continuous enrollment in either the English major (for the Mancuso English Scholarship) or one of the specified Humanities majors (for the Mancuso Humanities Scholarship). Mancuso English Scholars may not change their major; however Mancuso Humanities Scholars may change their majors as long as they select an eligible major that aligns with their specific Mancuso Scholarship; 
  • Demonstrate financial need as determined by the FAFSA and the FSU Financial Aid Office (FAFSA must be filed);
  • Report receipt of outside scholarships to the FSU Financial Aid Office. If a student receives an outside scholarship, the Mancuso Scholarship will be reduced by the amount of the other scholarship(s). The intention is that the students receive full tuition, fees, room and board for four academic years at FSU;
  • Demonstrate strong “studentship” skills, habits of mind, critical thinking skills, and writing ability.

Eligible Majors

Mancuso English Scholarship 

Available every year beginning Fall 2019.

  • English

Mancuso Humanities Scholarship

Available every year beginning Fall 2019.

  • Art History
  • History
  • Communication Arts
  • Liberal Studies (with Humanities focus)
  • Spanish
  • Other World Languages