Governance Committees

All University Committee (AUC)

(3 students, 3 administrators, 8 faculty members)
This committee is the “Mother” Committee. All proposals must start and end at the AUC.

University Curriculum Committee (UCC)

(3 students, 3 administrators, 16 faculty members)
This committee works generally to improve and coordinate the University’s academic programs.

  • All deletions from, and additions to, or changes in the University’s inventory of courses.
  • Major and general education requirements and proposed changes.
  • Proposals for new major programs.

Academic Policies Committee (APC)

(3 students, 3 administrators, 16 faculty members)

  • Academic calendar 
  • Academic standards
  • Standards for admission to the University
  • Policy governing selective retention
  • Educational services that the college should render to the local community 
  • Library services

Student Affairs Committee (SAC)

(9 students, 5 administrators, 5 faculty members)

  • Needs of student population are being served
  • Student participation in the cultural and social activities on campus
  • This committee shall make decisions of the practices, polices, and trends related to the student life and other institutions of higher education in the Commonwealth and the nation.