Residence Life

Framingham State University has a vibrant and active residential student population.

Involvement in the university and residence hall community can greatly enhance the student's university experience and we provide many opportunities for students to become engaged in their community. 

Our staff also strives to facilitate a community environment which values diversity and fosters student learning and personal development.  We ask that our students share the responsibility for creating positive living and learning environments and, therefore, be open to living cooperatively and working actively to cultivate a climate conducive to academic pursuit and respect for all.

The mission of the Office of Residence Life is to create and maintain a caring and disciplined residence hall community that supports learning and student success.  Accordingly, the office values and promotes safety, diversity, responsible citizenship, intellectual inquiry, and academic pursuit.  The office is also committed to fostering a climate that is responsive to the developmental needs of resident students and where the traditions and heritage of Framingham State University are recognized and honored.

Office of Residence Life

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