Academic Honesty Policy

Procedures for Handling Cases of

Alleged Infractions of Academic Honesty

Faculty are expected to report each infraction to the Dean of Students for record-keeping purposes. This allows the University to track students who have repeated violations of the Academic Honesty Policy. Once the infraction is reported to the Dean of Students, the faculty member will be informed of whether the infraction is a first, second, or third violation, in order to correctly note this on the infraction form.

In the case of a student’s first or second alleged infraction of the academic honesty policy, every effort should be made to resolve the matter directly between the instructor and student. The instructor will confront the student with the allegation of dishonesty and take appropriate action. Appropriate penalties for a first infraction range from re- submission of the work in question to failing the course, as determined by the instructor. Appropriate penalties for a second infraction range from failing the work in question to failing the course. If, however, an instructor feels that the severity of the alleged infraction warrants dismissal from the college prior to the third offense, the instructor may request a hearing, which will be conducted per the process described below.

In the case of the third alleged infraction of the academic honesty policy, the involved instructor will impose the course penalty and forward all evidence and appropriate documentation of the alleged infraction to the Dean of Students, who will convene a hearing body. The hearing body shall consist of the Dean of Students and two faculty members, one from a department other than that of the department of the involved instructor. The Dean shall, in consultation with members of the hearing body, review all of the student’s academic honesty infractions (including the current incident) and impose a penalty of dismissal from the University. In unusual circumstances, the hearing body may determine, as a group, that a lesser penalty shall be imposed. Only a penalty of dismissal can be appealed. Such an appeal will be made to the University Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs within three (3) business days of notification of the penalty.

NOTE: Notification of the alleged infraction must be submitted to the Dean of Students within a week of the infraction. Upon resolution of the infraction, all documentation regarding the academic honesty policy violation will be maintained by the Dean of Students.  Faculty may complete this form to report a violation of the Academic Honesty Policy.

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