Steering Committee

CELTSS Steering Committee for AY 2020-2021:

Santosha Adhibhatta, Physics and Earth Science
Kim Arditte Hall, Psychology and Philosophy
George Bentley, Geography
Maria Bollettino, History
Joanne Britland, World Language
Kate Caffrey, Communication, Media, and Performance
Colleen Coyne, English
May Hara, Education
Jon Huibregtse, History (Director)
Rongbing Lui, Accounting, Economics, and Finance
Vinay Mannam, Chemisty and Food Science
Jim McQuaid, Sociology
Hedda Monaghan, Library
Matt Moynihan, Math
Abelard Newell, Library
Virginia Noon, Fashion Design and Retailing
John Palabiyik, Management and Business & IT Faculty
Satish Penmatsa, Computer Science
Anya Peters, Nursing
Cara Pina, Biology
Lina Rincón, Sociology (Assistant Director)
Robin Robinson, Education Technology Office
Erika Schneider, Art and Music
Dave Smailes, Political Science
Brian Souza, Food and Nutrition
Zahra Tohidinia, Marketing

Non-Voting Steering Committee Members:

Mirari Elcoro, Sociology, Director of Mentoring


Santosha Adhibhatta
Kim Arditte Hall
Maria Bollettino
Vinay Mannam
Lina Rincón
Robin Robinson

George Bentley
Kate Caffrey
May Hara
Jon Huibregtse
Erika Schneider
Brian Souza

Colleen Coyne
Jon Huibregtse
Jim McQuaid
Cara Pina

Lyceum & Distinguished Faculty:
Maria Bollettino
Joanne Britland
Jon Huibregtse
Anya Peters
Zahra Tohidinia

Jon Huibregtse
Hedda Monaghan
Matt Moynihan
Abelard Newell
Satish Penmatsa
Lina Rincón

Student Conference for Research and Creative Practice:
Jon Huibregtse
Rongbing Lui
Virginia Noon
Cara Pina
Zahra Tohidinia

Hedda Monaghan
Abelard Newell
John Palabiyik
Cara Pina
Lina Rincón
Dave Smailes