Transfer Student Language Placement Test

The assessment measure is the Avant Placement testing language test for Spanish, French or Chinese. If you have not taken one of these languages, you do not need to take the modern language placement test.

Due to University requirements, some students are asked to take the modern language placement test to determine proper placement in a foreign language course. The placement test score will indicate which course level of language study will be appropriate for students opting to continue their study of another language at the University level.

Foreign Language Placement testing is required of all entering matriculated students unless they have:

  • Completion of level IV of one foreign language in high school.
  • Have been awarded transfer credit for a foreign language course.

Students who have a placement code of 1 (the equivalent of mastery of an Elementary I language course at the University) will be granted a waiver of the General Education Goal 3/Domain I-C. They will still need to complete 32 courses to graduate, but can substitute an elective for the Goal 3/Domain 1-C course no longer required of them.

Placement Code



Must take Elementary I


 Must take Elementary II if choosing the language option


 Must take Intermediate I if choosing the language option


 Must take Intermediate II if choosing the language option


Must take any 300 level course if choosing the language option


Completed Level IV in high school. May take 300-level and above.


Waiver received from World Languages Department Chair. May take any language course, though not required to do so.

It is important for students to do their best on this placement test; an accurate assessment of language proficiency will assure students of placement at the correct level of study. It is important to note that: “Students who place themselves into an elementary or intermediate course for which their proficiency exceeds that of the course level will be removed from the course with no credit given.”

Students should review the fundamentals of the language they studied in high school prior to taking the language test. On this page we provide a sample question and answer to familiarize you with the format of the test. This test is available for assessment of French, Chinese, and Spanish languages.

Language/culture elements represented on the placement test include the following:

  • General vocabulary and expressions
  • Subject and object pronouns
  • Possessive and prepositional pronouns
  • Adjective agreement
  • Present, past and future indicative verb forms
  • The subjunctive verb mode
  • Reading comprehension
  • Geography and culture of representative countries