Placement Testing

Proper course placement is important in fostering the academic success of college students. In order to ensure that students enroll in courses that match their individual skill levels and prior preparation, the Massachusetts Division of Higher Education has mandated that all new students take placement tests in writing and mathematics. Framingham State uses Accuplacer mathematics tests to determine placement into appropriate math courses. The math tests are administered electronically and on the FSU campus. The writing test is designed by our English Department and is completed off-site, usually from the student's home, and done during a specific time frame. In addition, due to University requirements, some students are asked to take the modern language placement test to determine proper placement in a foreign language course.  

After you deposit, you will receive a letter from the Office of New Student and Family Programs that will explain your individual placement testing requirements.

Writing Placement testing is recommended of all entering matriculated students unless they have:

  • Transfer credits in college-level English.
  • A high school GPA of 3.0 or higher

NOTE: Those students who have a high school GPA of 2.9 or lower are strongly recommended to take the writing test.  A high enough score on the test will allow you to place out of ENGL 100, Introduction to College Writing and directly into ENGL 110, Expository Writing, which is a general education and graduation requirement.

Foreign Language Placement testing is required of all entering matriculated students unless they have:

  • Completion of level 4 in high school of one foreign language.
  • Transferred in one semester of a foreign language from another college or university.

Math Placement testing is required of all entering matriculated students unless they have:

  • A high school GPA of 2.7 or higher 
  • Transfer credits in college-level math.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that all STEM majors (those majoring in Biology, Chemistry and Food Science, Computer Science, Food and Nutrition, Mathematics, Nursing, or Physics and Earth Science) take the the ACCUPLACER Math Placement testing unless the Accuplacer tests have been taken previously and a satisfactory score was achieved or college credit in mathematics has been awarded in transfer.  This will ensure that the student is in the appropriate math course based on their abilities.  Previous Accuplacer Scores can be sent to

All students are eligible for the introductory level math course your major requires without taking the math placement test. However, if you have not met the requirements above, you must enroll in a 2-hour per week tutorial that is attached to your required/recommended math course. The placement test will determine if you can place out of the tutorial and even place into a higher level math course, if it is needed.

Students have the opportunity to take the mandatory placement tests prior to the start of each semester. Incoming students who have submitted their deposits to Framingham State University will be sent information about the tests they have to take and asked to register for a test date that is convenient to them. Results of the math placement tests are provided immediately. Students will be provided the results of the writing test and foreign language tests at their respective orientation sessions. Retesting opportunities will be available during the summer and each semester.

To see interpretation of Placement Codes click here.

Future success at the University is by no means determined by performance on these placement tests. Nevertheless, your performance on the tests will determine the classes for which you may register. If test scores show deficiencies, students may have to enroll in lower level writing courses and take part in a Math Lab Emporium that is attached to your major required math courses to make sure you are receiving the support you need.

If a student does not achieve a satisfactory score on the math test:

Students are encouraged to retake the math test. All students are allowed one retake of the math test. Students should review the material on their own, hopefully using the review materials available to all students on the placement testing website and other materials that can be found on the internet. Students who do not receive a satisfactory score will be required to take part in the Math Emporium that is attached to the major required/suggested credit-bearing math course. A satisfactory score will exempt the student from the Math Emporium. 

You will find materials for math tests by clicking on the appropriate links to the left under the Math Placement link. 

Framingham State University strives to remain in full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. If you do have a documented disability that requires accommodation during testing situations, our disability services providers will grant requests for reasonable accommodations well in advance of the actual placement testing. Note: the Mathematics tests are always given in an untimed setting. No documentation is required for that accommodation.

If you have questions, please call 508-626-4907 or email