Professional Science Master's (PSM) Degree Program in Biotechnology: Concentration in Quality Assurance

The Professional Science Master's (PSM) with a concentration in Biotechnology, specialization in Quality Assurance provides industry-focused scientific and management training to life science professionals, positioning them for future success in managerial or supervisory roles as they advance in their careers. Aligned with the University’s institutional mission of offering programs that produce qualified graduates needed for the Commonwealth job market, the Biotechnology program is flexible and adaptable to the diverse needs of employers in the Massachusetts life sciences community. This PSM program includes the option of earning a Certificate in Quality Assurance in Biotechnology.

PSM Program Highlights

Alumni Spotlight
2019 Graduates


Congratulations on your graduation from the PSM program, Isabelle Meira-Silva, Alfredo Rojas, Ironie Nagasena"

Student Spotlight
photo of PSM Student Anu Ponugoti
FSU Student receives prestigious ISPE scholarship

Anuradha Ponugoti, PSM student

Anuradha Ponugoti has recently applied to the non-profit organization (ISPE) and was awarded a prestige scholarship to support her study at the FSU Professional Science Master program."

This program was an amazing journey of learning and growth in the field of biotechnology. The curriculum is meticulously designed, offering a comprehensive understanding of cutting-edge technologies, research methodologies, and ethical considerations within the biotech industry. The faculty members are passionate mentors who foster a collaborative learning environment, encouraging critical thinking and innovative problem-solving. Beyond academic excellence, the program also emphasizes nurturing leadership skills, teamwork, and effective communication. Through networking events and internship, I had the opportunity to connect with industry professionals, expanding my professional network and enhancing my career prospects. I highly recommend this program to anyone passionate about exploring the frontiers of biotechnology and making a positive impact on the world."

Taraneh Behnoud


As a Student in PSM Biotechnology Concentration in Quality Assurance, I gained both skills and knowledge, confidence to work in industry that was completely new to me. The instructors are understanding and highly skilled. It is a complete well-programmed course that will automatically give you the leadership quality and ability to survive and find you the passion for working in the industry. I registered for this course with no industry experience, the system helped me to secure an industry position before even completing the course. I thank the supportive instructors who all have mentored me and given me the path to success. PSM Biotech in FSU is a fantastic program that I would give a five star and would recommend and value for the money and time and hard work! I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to get into the industry for their future success! "

Mythili Senthilkumaran

Class of 2023

"Thank you very much for the continuous support and encouragement from the program. I have really enjoyed the PSM biotechnology program. This program has changed my life and offered new opportunities. "

AnuRadha Ponugoti

Class of 2020

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