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RamTrack is our online jobs posting database. It is a great resource to search for internships as well as part time, full time, work-study and childcare jobs. You can also choose to post your resume for employers to view. 

How to use Ramtrack for students:
1. Go to
2. Click the link that says “Click here to Register”
3. Fill in all fields that are starred with a red asterisk* (use any email)
4. Click “Register” when done filling in the fields
5. Begin your search by clicking tab that says “Job Search” under RamTrack logo
6. Narrow your search down by selecting specific types of jobs or just click search to see ALL available positions

Attention students looking for on-campus and work-study positions only - In the job search drop-down menu place Framingham State in the organization name for a list of all student on-campus positions.

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Alumni Resources

All alumni are welcome to use our services at no cost. Contact us if you are considering going to graduate school or are contemplating a career change. We can also assist you with resume critiques, cover letter critiques, interview preparation, offer negotiations, strategic job search strategies and more. While it is preferable to meet with a Career Counselor in person, we understand that it may be challenging to take time off from your current place of employment, so we welcome phone appointments for your convenience. 

Graduate School Resources

Life After FSU

Things to consider about Graduate School
The following questions will help determine if graduate school is right for you. We encourage you to meet with a counselor to discuss any additional questions or concerns you may have. You can also find more information by reading our graduate school packet.

  • Is graduate school necessary for your career/personal goals? Should you go to grad school immediately after receiving your Bachelor’s degree, or should you consider working in your field for a period of time before applying?
  • Do you know what you are hoping to accomplish through graduate work? Do you want to master a particular specialty, or acquire a job that requires advanced study?
  • Are the graduate programs in your field of interest looking for applicants with some work experience?
  • How do you feel about studying? Do you feel ready to continue your studies in a more intense and specialized manner for eight or more hours a day?
  • Do you know what course of study you want to pursue in graduate school? If so, what do you hope to achieve with an advanced degree in this field?
  • Can you afford more schooling? Keep in mind that graduate school in the short term is not an income-producing venture, and financial aid for graduate students is limited.
  • Would you be able to acquire an entry-level position in your field and have your employer pay for all or part of your graduate work?
  • Are you going to graduate school as a last resort because you can’t find a job in your field? Are you afraid to tackle the employment market, or do you not know what else to do?

Interested in Law School specifically?
In addition to speaking with us, get in touch with the University's Pre-Law Advisor, Dr. Christopher Latimer.

Interested in attending Framingham State University for graduate school?
Contact the Division of Graduate Studies to learn more.